What's so special about our creations?

We use only high-quality ingredients and source our them locally whenever possible so the fresh flavors are full and luscious. We don’t use premade doughs, mixes, or fillings. We cream the butter with the sugar and add local, free-range eggs one at a time. We squeeze lemons and grate nutmeg. You’ll taste the difference, and feel good because you’re supporting great local farms and real food.

real food, good food

Aubrey Saxton, saxy chef, holds herself and her business to high standards. “I won’t eat bland or boring food or make it for other people to eat. Simple, high-quality ingredients, carefully prepared — that’s the difference.

“I believe everything you put in your mouth should be the best it can be. If you’re going to eat a brownie or piece of pie, make sure it’s not just satisfying your sweet tooth, but also your soul.”

We are always coming up with delicious innovations using our spreads, sauces, pickles, and baked goods. Check out the recipe section for easy and imaginative uses for all of our products.

getting fancy - catering!

We love a good party! saxy chef is available for catering desserts at parties and events. Call Aubrey at 603-313-6059, e-mail: aubrey@saxychef.com, or send us a tweet @saxychefllc.

for wholesale inquiries

Call Aubrey at 603-313-6059.