Cookies & bars. Butter & chocolate. Nuts & spices.

All of our cookies, bars, cupcakes, and whoopie pies are made by hand in small batches using only high-quality ingredients. Gernerous portions of rich chocolate, crunchy pretzels, nutty nuts, dried fruits, and aromatic spices make you sit up and savor each bite. With no regrets.


triple chocolate cookies - double chocolate cookie loaded with white & dark chocolate chunks
dark chocolate habanero cookies - chocolate cookie with dark chocolate chunks and just enough habanero to make you say, “whooo!”
cardamom cherry oatmeal cookies - a classic with a twist, fresh cardamom & dried cherries
chocolate pretzel marshmallow cookies - crunchy, gooey, salty, sweet, & a hint of coffee
peanut butter cookies - a soft cookie with chunky pb inside & crunchy sugar on top
walnut chocolate chip oatsie - walnuts and chocolate chips in a perfectly spiced treat
walnut chocolate chip cranberry oatsie - taking our classic oatsie up a notch
oatmeal raisin cookies - Steve’s favorite: a perfect, classic, non-chocolate cookie
coconut macaroons - chocolate drizzled, gluten-free, & full of coconut
almond snickerdoodle - an old favorite with a bit of almond added
chocolate peanut butter chip - chewy chocolate cookie with peanut butter & chocolate chips
chocolate chip cookie - Aubrey’s favorite- can’t beat this classic cookie
oatmeal white chocolate peanut butter - chewy oat cookie with organic white chocolate chunks
salted spud - loaded with crushed potato chips, sprinkled with sea salt

brownies & bars

gluten-free brownie - dark chocolate chunks in a super fudgy treat
G-F marshmallow mystery tour bar - white & dark chocolate, walnuts, and marshmallows!
chocolate chunk brownie - just the best brownie you’ve ever had
gingerbread blondie - loaded with white chocolate chunks
ancho walnut brownie - with a pinch of cinnamon, coffee & a bit of heat
glazed over lemon bars - tangy and sweet, your eyes will glaze over with bliss
cherry cardamom blondie - pure maple syrup, tart cherries and pecans
ginger chocolate chunk brownie - candied ginger chunks spice up the classic brownie
glazed over blood orange bar - candied orange inside, blood orange glaze outside!
G-F crumby fruit bar - a classic oat & pecan topped fruit bar, made with our own jam
G-F lime & yogurt bar - greek yogurt chips inside, topped with a perfect limey glaze
orange almond brownie - toasted almonds, chocolate chunks and candied orange
peanut butter bar - with crunchy peanut butter & dark chocolate chunks
bacon peanut butter brownie - fudgy brownie with dark chocolate chunks, peanut butter chips & humanely raised bacon!

whoopie pies available in regular size and mini 12-packs

awesome vanilla filling made with local butter and pure vanilla sandwiched between 2 cakey treats.
chocolate, maple, pumpkin, lemon, peanut butter, gluten-free chocolate,
matcha, beet red velvet,
and wookie (combination cookie + whoopie!)

cupcakes available in mini 12-packs

amazing chocolate - pop the whole thing in your mouth and be happy
chocolate coffee peanut butter - esspresso cake with flourless chocolate layer and peanut butter frosting
gluten-free & vegan - chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. No dairy. No gluten.
mini carrot cupcakes - with cream cheese frosting with a brown butter glaze
mini strawberry smooch - strawberry cake with lemon mascarpone, makes you want to kiss someone
beet red velvet - with chocolate ganache and cream cheese frosting